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I have a lot of people tell me I look great and that I’ve lost so much weight. I’ve had people tell my mom they didn’t know she had another (skinnier) daughter. She doesn’t. I’ve had people furtively glance back and forth at me, as if wanting to get the courage to ask me about my weight loss. Others are more brazen and directly inquire if I’ve had weight loss surgery. To some, what I’ve done is unbelievable. Weight loss. It’s one of the top resolutions we make every year, and for good reason. We all want to be healthy and for many, weight loss and an active lifestyle would achieve that. But, we all hear about the statistics about people re-gaining any weight lost and we hear about the people who start an exercise or meal plan, only to give up. We don’t hear about the people who have succeeded often enough. When I was first losing weight, I scoured the internet for anyone who was sharing their weight loss story, and it was hard to find people who were willing to share their journey. I needed the inspiration—the hope—that I could do this as well.

For those brave enough to ask me what I’ve done to lose the weight, I tell them the truth. I tried a lot of different things to lose weight and it all could be simplified to this: I watch what I eat and I exercise. That’s the uncomplicated version of my journey. The straightforward answer. And, I really believe that is how you lose weight. This blog will deal with the more extended version of how I’ve gotten healthier. I want to share how I’ve done this–my exercise habits—from doing absolutely nothing to walking to running and hiking and weights. My healthier eating also includes the belief in moderation and portion control. I’ve tried multiple workout DVDS (I’m still doing T25). I’ve done juicing. I’ve tried lean cuisines and shakeology and eating less carbs and calorie counting. I’ve done it all.

It took me 2 years and 8 months to reach my goal of 135. I weighed 299 when I first started my journey, and I struggled and triumphed along the way. I’m still not exactly where I want to be, but now my goal is to to be as healthy as I can be. I want to live a long time and enjoy the life that is ahead of me.

I currently weigh 140 pounds. I’m trying hard to get back to 135, but I’m also trying hard to get healthier and fitter. In addition to getting that scale down to something I’m comfortable with, I want to build muscle, I want to tone up, I want to climb mountains and run that marathon. I have so many goals and aspirations left. Some people who see me now think that I should be happy with where I am at and that I should be done. Well….I am happy. Extremely happy. Happier than I’ve ever been in my life. But, I’m not quite done. Living a healthy life is never over, and this bog is dedicated to keeping myself accountable and to sharing what I learn as I continue in my journey.

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