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How has it been so long since I updated my blog? well, summer has just kind of come and gone, and kept me busy. Weight wise, I’m still the same. Not at my real goal of 135, but not that much off of it. I’ve been working my butt off at the gym, but my weight has been sort of stuck–thyroid issues, I think. Hopefully, I can get to my goal before I head to Georgia for the Christmas holidays.

I’m actually getting super excited because Blake and I are thinking about going back to Costa Rica after Christmas for a few months again. One of the best experiences I have had in my life was traveling to Costa Rica last year. My husband and I stayed near Coco for about 9 weeks, and I really credit the journey for opening  me up to new experiences. I went snorkeling for the first time, and ziplining. I would walk to town every day…so about a 3 miles total. We would run to the beach and lay out in the sun, or chill by our back yard pool. It was such a beautiful experience and I miss it.

Luckily, Blake and I can live there for a few months because we can work remote with our web business. So, more than likely, I will be back in beautiful Coco Beach this upcoming year. When we came back originally, I was excited to be back in California and to be settling in a home. We got engaged and married and kind of settled into our life here in the US. But, now that we’ve been back for over a year, we’re both itching to go back. We want to have some travel time and we are both wanderers at heart, so being in LA for this long is starting to get old. I just want to be as close to goal weight as possible. Regardlesss though, I just want to be back on the beach, hearing the sounds of monkeys in the trees, and enjoying the pura vida.

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