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It’s almost over. I feel like I can finally see light again. I had an early eye appointment this morning, where my specialist confirmed that my uveitis is gone. Almost 8 months since I was originally diagnosed. Not only that, but my glaucoma is being controlled and my pressure is down. It is likely that I will not need eye surgery. This has been weighing so heavily on me. And, it’s finally almost done. I feel so ecstatic right now. I can’t quite explain to you the joy I feel at this very moment. Hence, my cover photo in this post. That is what I feel like. Like I’ve conquered something. I finished a marathon. I hiked to the highest peak. I feel like I just got on all the rides at six flags and I still have energy left. I feel like the day got sunnier and the my steps are lighter and bouncier. I feel amazing. I can take on the world today. I can win. For people who battle diseases and illnesses and other troubles, my hat if off to you. You are more than amazing. You are unreal. I can’t imagine how you do this.

This post will be short because I can’t imagine what else is as important as this. I am almost healthy again.

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