February Health updates

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Ugh, I feel like I this whole year so far has been doctor appointments. Because, it has. I have had a doctor appointment about once a week since this year started. And, it’s both good and bad news. I finally got another biopsy on my thyroid….and I had already prepared myself for atypical results again. But, they came back negative for cancer. NEGATIVE!! Not only was it negative, my doctor told me to just check it again next year, and that it didn’t need to be removed (for now). After all the issues I’ve been having with this, I’m happy that it’s over. I still think that this thyroid lump is why I haven’t been able to lose weight, but I’m back to trying my hardest at the gym. Also, looking to really start meal planning again.

Now, my eye. Not only do I have uveitis, I now have high eye pressure. Crazy high eye pressure. I went in to the doctor and they actually didn’t allow me to leave until they got it under control. They think I have high pressure because of the steroid I’m on for my eye. But, I need the steroid for my uveitis or else it flares up. I was referred to a rheum doc to see if they’re are some underlying reasons why my case hasn’t been able to clear up. That’s next month.

Despite my eye setback, I was so ecstatic about my thyroid that it wasn’t as depressing as it could have been otherwise. I can’t wait for the day when I’m not putting 4 eyedrops in my eyes and taking an oral pill. I can’t wait until I can put on contacts again. I want my eye to fix itself so bad, but nothing seems to be working. Maybe, the¬†rheumatologist can figure it out. If not, I’m not really sure where to go from here. But, I am happy that my health issues are finally being addressed and that some of these doctors are finally taking me seriously.

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