Our Anniversary: Disneyland!

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This post has been long overdue. My last couple of posts have been a bit depressing regarding my health. That’s not what I want to portray myself as, it’s not what I want my blog to be about. We all have challenges in life that might stall or interfere with our journey, but I have to remind myself that I’m not unique or special and that if other people can do it, so can I! I want to make a conscious effort to be happier. To smile more and not let my health issues take over my life.

Blake and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary last week ! What better place to celebrate than Disneyland. Despite living in southern California, I’ve only been to Disney twice in my life, and the last time was about 10 years ago for high school grad night. In fact, when I went as an 18 year old, I danced in the grad night “lounges” and walked around. I don’t remember getting on any rides. The reason? I had huge anxiety about not fitting into amusement park rides. I used to love going to 6 Flags and Knott’s, but after I reached a certain weight and size, I knew that I perhaps wouldn’t be able to fit in the rides. Rather than facing that, I chose to stop going. I finally went back to 6 flags after I had lost about 50 pounds and was fine, and it was a big weight off of my shoulder to be able to enjoy rollercoasters again.

Blake and I put on our best Disney shirts and Mickey ears, and headed to Disneyland / California Adventures.

We were joined my my parents and my nephew Logan, and I think having them around for some of the rides really just made the day even better. The first ride we got on (because it’s the only ride I remember from when I was a kid) was It’s A Small World. Ugh. Love. We took the obligatory photo in front of the castle, and roamed Disney looking for rides that everyone would enjoy. Somehow we even got my mom and Loganbear to ride Splash Mountain. It was his first big boy ride and I think he handled it better than my mom, whose screams could be heard two logs down.

image                                    IMG_1280                                              IMG_1305

We separated and Blake and I enjoyed walking across to California Adventures, and riding a few rollercoasters. Drinking margaritas and just having a great day. I think the ride that sums up how much we are in tune with each other was Tower of Terror. I thought there was a small drop, and had prepared myself for that. Well…it’s not really a small drop. It’s many drops, up and down. The kind that makes you physically jump in your seat, only held down by your lap belt. Before the ride drops, you see a bunch of cheesy “scary’ episodes. Because of this, when the drops finally occurred, I was totally unprepared. That moment is captured forever via the photo snap the ride takes of you. While everyone else is making funny faces at the camera because they are unsurprised and have ridden this before, my first reaction is to turn my head to Blake and grab him. His reaction is similar, he turns to me–to calm me, to try to make me less afraid. I find the picture so hilarious because I was terrified and Blake was pretty startled too, but we both turned to each other :


All in all, we had a pretty awesome anniversary.

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